Three months into 2018

April 2, 2018

The first quarter of the year is almost at its end and I cannot seem to place where the time has gone. It always fascinates me how with every breath taken our life is just slipping away from us.

Forget the few months gone by in 2018, but where have the last ten years of my life gone to?!!


As you can gather, my soul is filled with wanderlust like so many other souls out there. After taking superbly ill a decade or so ago, and recovering from where there was no real belief that I would, my perspective on life its self morphed into something so very different from everything I had ever known. When I recomposed myself, I set out on a mission and that was to do everything I desired and to have no regrets. 


Fast forward a few years and 49 countries later I find myself living an extraordinary life because I know that with every breathe taken I am one inch closer to the end. Life is simply just too precious to live in regret. So I take the trips I want to, I wear the clothing that I once would have save for a special day, I laugh very (very) loudly and I live each day as if it were my last. 


Having been single and doing whatever I wanted for so long(somewhere around nine years of being single), I had renounced the ideal that I would marry and settle down. I mean to me that just seemed like the ultimate lock down... I would no longer be free and that for me freaked me out like you would never believe!


Ah and then out of nowhere, enters my husband. I remember our first encounter like it was just yesterday and I would tell you about it, but there are no words! 

We have been married for two years now and when I tell people that I am still free, if not even more, I get a raised eyebrow and a sarcastic "yeah right". Oddly enough, when I met him, he had never left the country... since then we have just never stopped.


I always said that if ever I settled down, it would be with someone as wild and free as I am, because that would be the only person who would be able to keep up with me. 


So some fun facts

1. We travel when we can to where possible

2. We plan way way way in advance

3. We are afforded the luxury of a ton of time off during the course of the year due to our lives revolving around the school calendar in South Africa

4. We have a home in the Midlands and four dogs whom we love to bits

5. We live in a small town where everyone is practically family

6. I am fearless and he is cautious.... we have found the perfect balance somewhere in between

7. We love instagram! Be sure to check us out : and ash_travels_the_world



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Remember to make the rest of the year count!


Be wild

Be free

Be fearless










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Three months into 2018

April 2, 2018

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